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Lloyd Allen

Calling all professionals- pastors, church leaders, teachers, family advocates and those who possess a message to uplift individuals, transform lives and positively impact the world. You are passionate about your area of specialty or niche and you want an affordable channel to reach and change the lives of thousands, yes millions.


Recently I met with a friend of mine in her office. After spending years in study and research at major colleges and universities, she feels driven and compelled to reach the world with her message. She thought that by virtue of possessing a Ph.D she could probably close her business to teach at the university.


I then shared with her my experience and the possibility of sharing her message from the comfort of her own office, utilizing the power of technology. It dawned on me then that there are many like her who possess a compelling message to positively impact lives, but have no idea of the limitless potential of technology. As a proponent of the gospel myself, there is no better means of propagating the GOOD NEWS on a large scale than through the use of digital evangelism.


My Experience


I am an author and speaker, and the founder of a family ministry. In an effort to explore avenues to sell my book and other literary work, and to impact the world with messages to restore and strengthen families, I focused my attention on digital marketing. 


I contracted the services of a website designer and requested that he built me a top notch website, one that was comparable to a major tele-evangelist. I normally like to have the best. That website I never received. Secondly, after publishing my book on love and relationships, the publisher informed me that I would have access to a website they designed for me, but I would have to pay $40. for every update or minor changes to the site. A website becomes a person's business portal and to pay $40 for every minor update or maintenance could be devastating to anyone's pocket.


Then I decided that I would learn it, master it and do it myself. I spent the last three years in an intense learning experience. I watched countless numbers of webinars, read all I could place my hands on, subscribed to and was trained by some of the best in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce. I have spend hundreds of dollars on ad spend, A-B testing, subscriptions, classes, etc. I have used and explored major softwares and services to market my book and runs family workshops, and I feel compelled to share this knowledge with other, so they can be spared years of failing through trial and error. 


I am now privy to information and softwares that can enable even the dullest mind and a minimal budget to run an amazing marketing program with very little out of pocket expense.


If you would like me to share with you all that I've learned and used in my own marketing program, then this is your opportunity. You can build your niche, live your passion, realize your dream and make a living while doing so.


Lloyd Allen

Author, Speaker and Digital Strategist

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