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Don't plan your wedding

until you read this

The Ultimate

Marriage & Premarital Coaching program

The Course.

All that you'll ever need to know

The Course is designed for :

1. Those married, but lack knowledge of the fundamental components of what constitute a stunningly successful marriage. (Married Couples)

2. Those who plan to get married and don't want to become another divorce statistic through ignorance of the basic concepts of a triumphant marriage.    (The Singles)

The Course includes the following:

1. Eight (8) Modules representing 8 weeks of coaching through videos, audios, and scripts

2. A private Facebook membership group where you'll receive ongoing support.

3. As a bonus you'll receive a free E-copy of my book, and have full access to all my marriage enhancing and premarital preparation resources.


* Role Expectation
* I explore the Four (4) basic sources that inform your partner's perspective of marriage
1. One's upbringing
2. The Media
3. Friends
4. The proper sources of information e.g. Church, Bible-based reading material, higher learning, Family workshops, etc
Note: These are the basic sources that make your partner who he/she is, except some impactful influences intervened to change the natural order of learning.
If these sources were flawed, then your partner will naturally have a distorted perspective of marriage. How your partner managed to navigate these influences of life will determine how fit they are for a marital relationship. 
Get the facts before it's too late. 

never rush a relationship. Remember, the sweetest fruits ripen slowly

Did you know that one of the major causes of divorce is unmet expectations in marriage?

Why Premarital Preparation? Knowledge Is Power! When you don't know how to do something it becomes difficult, even impossible. But when you know how to do something, it is EASY. Are you blundering along, or are you living triumphantly?



The Man as Leader

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* Why does she carve his leadership?

What happens when he fails to lead? 

* Follow me as I conduct a thorough examination of the section of the wedding vows that relates to LOVE & CHERISH.

How does he lead through cherishing her?

* I help the man to understand his role to lead.

The scope of his leadership role.i.e.

The different areas in which he is expected to lead 

* Why is it so important to her that HE helps with: 

House chores, Parenting (active-not passive), etc.

Is he teachable, Does he lead with humility? Is he flexible?

*The man must initiate the move to cherish her, even when she is sad, impatient and angry.

He sets the mood by which his family function.



Why should you become a relationship expert? Did you know that the number one cause of divorce is incredible ignorance? You thought knowledge was expensive? Check ignorance


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Conflict Resolution
How Do You Fight?

In this module I reveal why a person's approach to resolving conflict is a major predictor of divorce

How to talk so your spouse will listen

How to diffuse tension in the relationship and "turn away the wrath".

Four communication patterns that predict divorce

How to make yourself lovable to your spouse, even amid bitter strife and misunderstanding?

How to master the art of listening

How to make the dating experience last a lifetime. Here I also share my personal experiences

Even though conflicts are inevitable in a relationship, I'll show you how to maintain a sweet, loving relationship that can withstand the test of time

Why a Course in Premarital Preparation? If you fail to discuss the hard topics relating to marriage before the wedding, you may have to learn them through fighting during marriage. It may be too late

Was SEX designed for the purpose of serving yourself or to serve your partner?

Why is the woman considered a hotplate and the man a gas stove?

Why is it that a man may have a quarrel with his wife at 9:00 pm and "be ready" at 9:10 pm? But for the woman, she may not be ready until 10:00 pm- the next day?

Sex: The distinctive differences between men and women

What's the relationship between spirituality and sex?

Words to say to your wife to excite her sexual desire and the words that kill her interest