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Green Pink Blue Electric Fruit Juicer Machine Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Smoothie Maker Blender Shake Juice Juicer Bottle

Portable 380ml Electric Fruit Citrus Juicer Blender USB Juicer Bottle Cup Handheld Milkshake Smoothie Maker Rechargeable Blender


Small in size, portable and multi-use, can used as common cup and juice blender, can mix kinds of fruit and vegetables.

Healthy and environmentally-friendly, use new and nontoxic PP/PC material.

Safety, double safety protection switch, and charge/discharge protection.

Quick speed, can make a cup of juice within 1 minute.

Can repeat use when fully charged, and easy for charge when battery used up.



Color: purple

Size: 82*80*235MM

Material: PP and ABS and Stainless steel

Volume: 380ml

Moter Model: DC3.6

Motor rotation: No-load:<22000RPM,Load: 15000RPM

Working current:10-12A


Package Includes:

1 X Portable Juicer Cup

Rechargeable USB Smoothie Maker Blender

$34.50 Regular Price
$27.60Sale Price
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