Preparing singles for marriage

  • The divorce rate - now 66%

  • People are delaying marriage for a later age.

  • There's a reason 

People have seen the sad results of broken marriages all around them and are scared

Your journey to a great relationship begins here

You must know the grevious wrongs which so often embitter married life and how to safeguard yourself against them

Lloyd Allen

Author, Speaker and Family Advocate.

A trained Family Therapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

MS - Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy. Barry University

MS - Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Barry University

(Dual Specialization)

BA- Theology- Northern Caribbean University

       & University of Costa Rica (UNADECA)



Minister of Religion in Jamaica, Turks and Caicos Islands and

Conference Lay Evangelism Regional Director (USA)


Traveled extensively in and out of the USA speaking, counseling and conducting family seminars and evangelistic series


Author of a book on relationships: "A Close look at Love, Sex and Relationships"

Lloyd is happily married to Rae, a former missionary to South Korea.

They have two sons' Lloyd Jr. and Daniel


Issues in marriage that lead to divorce, and could have been avoided with proper pre-marital preparation

  • Who will work?

  • sex life. What about sex?

  • How does he/she resolve conflicts?

  • What's your definition of a good marriage?

  • Will you be an active/ passive father?

  • Do I have personal issues to deal with first?

  • How much can I spend without your permission?

*Waiting until after marriage to discuss these questions could be disastrous for your marriage

Soon you'll possess the skills to:

  • Be able to spot an abuser even on your first date

  • Know when you have found the right person

  • Know what a good relationship look like

  • Know whether he/ she is likely to divorce later

  • Know how to use effective communication  with your partner

  • Know how to talk so he/she can listen

  • Know how to listen so he/ she can talk

  • Understand the art of conflict resolution

  • know how compatible you both are

  • Know the right questions to ask your partner before marriage

  • Whether you both possess what it takes to have a vibrant, triumphant marriage

  • Understand how the relationship with his/her parents can potentially impact your marriage



  • Not just information, but transformation

  • The road maps to better relationships

  • The journey to a better "YOU"

  • The knowledge needed to make the Right Choice of a future partner

  • The tool-kit to resolve marriage-threatening conflicts

Traditional counseling

cost up to $240/ session OR $960/month (4 sessions)

Find an affordable alternative 

This could be the most important call you'll ever make



Live it with KNOWLEDGE
Live it with CONFIDENCE


After twenty three years of counseling and mentoring individuals and families, Lloyd Allen is passionate about helping to stem the tide of divorce and break the cycle of dysfunction in families.

He is committed to empowering singles and youth so they'll be equipped to make the right decisions and consequently enjoy a happy, vibrant and triumphant marriage. Lloyd speaks like a dying man to dying men in his quest to impact you with the time-tested secrets of a happy and purpose-driven life.

Sharing in his workshop is a life-changing experience. No longer will you enter marriage like a novice, or a simpleton, hoping it will work. Instead you will launch into this life-long journey of romance with a calm confidence that this relationship will become a success story. 

Don't be a novice, but an expert on relationship matters

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Training Singles for Marriage

Be a Relationship Expert

-Love you'all,

  Lloyd Allen