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*Know the Genuine

*Spot the Counterfeit

*Attract your kind

*Live happily ever after

Thank you for joining and, welcome! You can download your free blueprint HERE anytime. As a valued subscriber, I’d like to do something special for you, so here’s an offer with a Huge Discount! This could mean the difference between success and failure in your relationship
Discover the secret to choosing a life partner with confidence
You can build a rock-solid & triumphant marriage. This privilege is reserved only for those equipped with knowledge. Start laying the foundation to becoming a relationship expert by investing in yourself.
Order the Premarital Preparation Program  and get started today
Did somebody say you cannot become a master at relationships?
Now you can prove them wrong. Through my Master of Relationship program you begin to unlearn and overcome the past that was meant to cripple you, and learn the foundation attributes of a successful relationship




You thought knowledge was expensive? Check ignorance

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There are two kinds of people in a relationship. There are the Disasters and the Masters of relationship. The MASTER OF RELATIONSHIP is always seeking for an opportunity to repair, heal and strengthen the relationship.
When you enroll in the Master Of Relationship program you get:
1. My 99 page blueprint that presents the  foundational components in the premarital Master Of Relationship program
2. You first one-on-one coaching session with Lloyd Allen 
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In my Master of Relationship program I teach the following:
1. One of the major causes of divorce is a lack of understanding of your partners needs. I teach you the basic differences between the genders. His needs and Her needs, as men and women are uniquely different. You will learn how to meet your partner's needs, not based on what you think, but based on what he/ she wants
2.  What sex got to do with it? Many people have a difficulty having open and candid conversation regarding sex. But how can you talk about a subject when you don't know what to talk about. How can you make decisions when you don't know the options? We teach you what you need to know about sex. We also answer your questions.
3. You will be alerted to the grievous wrongs which so often embitter married life and how to safeguard yourself against them. 
4. You will be taught the scientific reasons why many young persons make decisions with the emotion (The Amygdala) rather than with the intellect (The Neo-cortex)
5. We'll discuss Finances. How much should you spend without your spouse's permission?
A wrong management of finance is a major cause of breakup in relationships
6. How to spot an abuser on your first date? A discussion of this subject is extremely important. You may be dating an abuser and don't know it. Get the facts.
7. How to curb the urge. The lie of casual sex. Finding healing after sexual promiscuity, rape and molestation.
9. How to deal with difficult in-laws.
10. Do the litmus test. Are you unequally yoked? 
This program is a MUST for all singles, youth, parents, teachers and coaches. 
If you intend to eventually marry, you need knowledge, as ignorance is too costly
Whose family will we be spending thanksgiving with this year?
How is his relationship with his mom, or her relationship with her dad? This is not a fool-proof test in assessing the fitness of a partner, but it does assist with the evaluation process
How does he/ she deal with conflict? Does your partner shout and yell at the slightest misunderstanding or annoyance?
Do they regularly make gestures to hit you when upset?
Do they try to manipulate your time allocation for your family, or control the use of your money or are obsessed about how long you speak to a friend or even your whereabout?
Do they threaten to leave you because you refuse to be sexually intimate with them? Do they force you into sexual activity against your will?
How much can I spend without your approval?
Is he/ she more concerned about your money and other physical assets more than your character? 
How many children do you want?
What are your role expectation? Who will work?  Will you assist with the house chores?
What kind of parent will you be? Will you be a passive father? Will you assist with the discipline of the children?
We explore and discuss these and other questions in the

Order Now to Get

Instant Access

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*How to know when you have found the right person

*The basic differences between the genders

*You'll learn whether you are making decisions  with the emotion (The Amygdala) or the  intellect (The neo-cortex)

*How to spot an abuser on your first date

*What sex got to do with it

*And much more....

Lloyd Allen

Author, Speaker and Family Advocate.

A trained Family Therapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

MS - Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy. Barry University (Honors)

MS - Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Barry University (Honors)

BA- Theology- Northern Caribbean University

       & University of Costa Rica (UNADECA)



Minister of Religion and Conference Lay Evangelism Regional Director (USA)


Lloyd has traveled extensively in and out of the USA speaking, counseling and conducting family seminars and evangelistic series


Author of a book on relationships: "A Close look at Love, Sex and Relationships"

Lloyd is happily married and has two sons.

After several years of marriage, my husband and I realized that our marriage was in trouble, so we asked God to provide a Godly councilor for us, and that he did. He provided Pr. Lloyd Allen, a man of wisdom and integrity. He gave us sound and biblical council. We can't express how happy and blessed we are.  Pr. Allen, thank your for restoring our marriage! "CAFG"

Hi Pastor, thank you sooo much for taking the time to counsel B & myself.. I have always admired the way you treasure Sis Allen. with so much love & respect..God has truly blessed you 
with a wonderful family. You are my role model & I thank God for you. 
We appreciate & love you guys so much and always will.  Have a 
Blessed day 


Things are going good!  Your counseling & prayers have brought us even
closer! We no longer " by the Grace of God' utter any negative words to each other 
Thank you 


Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Thanks sooo much for the book. I decided at midday today to begin reading it and was so riveted to the inspiration and wisdom that I couldn't stop until I had read all pages. Your mastery in relating scenarios made the book so very relevant, and I'm certain that it will be a blessing and a success. I plan to gift some copies for the holidays and I must get one for myself because I like to read and underline. I made two pages of notes and anecdotes in my notebook today to ensure that the atrophied brain cells absorb the nutrition and start to work again!

Thanks again and I pray for continued abundance of blessings on you and family🏾

"Elder B."

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