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A Close Look at Love,
Sex and Relationships






Finding healing after sexual immorality

Feeling pressured to be in a relationship?  What to do...

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Meet The Author


Lloyd Allen


A trained Family Therapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

 - Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy. Barry University (Honors)

 - Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Barry University (Honors)

 - Theology- Northern Caribbean University

       & University of Costa Rica (UNADECA)



 - Minister of Religion and Conference Lay Evangelism Regional Director (USA)

 - 23 years counseling individuals, couples and families


Lloyd has traveled extensively in and out of the USA speaking, counseling and conducting family seminars and evangelistic series


Author of a book on relationships: "A Close look at Love, Sex and Relationships"

Lloyd is happily married and has two sons.

Hi Pastor, thank you sooo much for taking the time to counsel B & myself.. I have always admired the way you treasure Sis Allen. with so much love & respect..God has truly blessed you 
with a wonderful family. You are my role model & I thank God for you. 

We appreciate & love you guys so much and always will.  Have a 
Blessed day 



Things are going good!  Your counseling & prayers have brought us even
closer! We no longer " by the Grace of God' utter any negative words to each other 
Thank you 


Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Thanks sooo much for the book. I decided at midday today to begin reading it and was so riveted to the inspiration and wisdom that I couldn't stop until I had read all pages.


Your mastery in relating scenarios made the book so very relevant, and I'm certain that it will be a blessing and a success. I plan to gift some copies for the holidays and I must get one for myself because I like to read and underline.


I made two pages of notes and anecdotes in my notebook today to ensure that the atrophied brain cells absorb the nutrition and start to work again!

Thanks again and I pray for continued abundance of blessings on you and family🏾

"Elder B."

Sex is not profane

it is sacred

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Sex is not profane- It is sacred.

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Build your knowledge of sex and revolutionize the relationship with your spouse.

Test Your sex IQ:

1. Why is the psychological and sexual nature of a women linked? And what does this mean for her sexual responsiveness?

2. What is most important for a woman, as it relates to sex?

3. Why is SHE known as a hot plate, and HE, a gas stove?

4. Why do men think about sex so often?

5. Are you clitorate, Men? Did you know that the clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings, more than the penis?

I Share all you will ever need to know about sex.
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