Start The Process Of Fixing Your Relationship By Understanding Their Mindset


Lloyd Allen,
Author, Speaker, & Family Advocate
  • Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor

  • 24 years counseling couples and families in and out of the USA

  • Author of a book on Love, Sex and Relationships

  • & E-book: Finding Love & Keeping it- Over 200 tips to ignite and maintain the flame of love in your relationship

Get the free report that reveals the 25 questions to discuss with your partner to understand their mindset 


The questions are so formulated to help you
discover Their deep thoughts regarding:

Money Are they comfortable sharing one account? What are their views regarding being debt-free?


Parenting The kind of parents they will become. Passive, Active Supportive? How many kids do they want?


Role expectation  Is a great career more important than marriage and family. Who will work? Do they believe in helping with the house chores?


Upbringing How will habits learned from their family of origin impact their communication patterns and conflict resolution skills


Commitment What are their views regarding infidelity.

*How committed are they to the relationship. * What spiritual values do they embrace and how important are they? * If you were to revamp your spiritual views later, how would they react?


Conflict resolution How will lessons learned from their friends, the media family and family of origin impact their conflict-resolution patterns. How do they "fight?"


Sex: Understand their views regarding expressing affection. How do they want to receive and give affection?


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