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You have the opportunity
to turn your marriage around

starting TODAY with this


9 Days of workshop

Live training 

Q & A

Lessons & Exercises


Helping couples like you navigate their marriage

with confidence from a place of knowledge, and not ignorance


I equip you with the skills needed to build or restore your marriage

into the loving, lifelong relationship you’ve always dreamed about.

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What You Will Learn On This Coaching Program


Representing My 28 Years of expertise, Helping Couples Around the World


If I am not married, can I attend the workshop?

Yes. This is also designed to serve as a Premarital Preparation Program


Will you be able to take our questions on the spot?

Yes. There will be a Q & A session after every presentation each day


If I am not able to attend at the scheduled time, can I still have access to the recordings?

Yes. The sessions will be recorded and made available to the participants at no additional cost


The renewal of vows ceremony. How will it be done?

This will be conducted by me virtually. This is an extra bonus for those who would like to participate


*  Create a marriage filled with fun and playfulness
*  See your marriage slowly turn from failing and stressed to triumphant and exhilarating.

*  Join a community of support and mentorship

*  We make good marriages better

X  Not feeling loved, respected or listened to

X  Communication is difficult, and you have       emotionally checked out.

X  Marriage is just not exciting anymore. Time for more thrill & vitality.

X  Already having Good Marriage?

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Lloyd Allen,
Author, Speaker, & Marriage Coach

Founder & CEO of

Fixing Marriages Academy, Inc. 


Trained Marriage & Family Therapist

Trained Clinical Mental Health Counselor

26 years counseling couples and families in and

out of the USA

Author of a book on Love, Sex and Relationships

& E-book: Finding Love & Keeping it- Over 200 tips to ignite and maintain the flame of love in your relationship

I was not grown in a home that bequeathed to me time tested principles of a happy family. But along the uncharted corridors of time I learned some lessons that steered me towards true happiness in a committed marital relationship.


After 27 years helping countless numbers of couples across the world restore their marriage, I have a good idea of what works and what does not. I am passionate about transferring my expertise to your head and heart so you too may experience the joy and thrill of a healthy and happy love relationship.



Hi Pastor, thank you sooo much for taking the time to counsel B & myself.. I have always admired the way you treasure Sis Allen. with so much love & respect..God has truly blessed you with a wonderful family. You are my role model & I thank God for you. 

We appreciate & love you guys so much and always will.  Have a 
Blessed day 

{Weeks after}

Things are going good!  Your counseling & prayers have brought us even
closer! We no longer " by the Grace of God' utter any negative words to each other 
Thank you 



Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Thanks sooo much for the book. I decided at midday today to begin reading it and was so riveted to the inspiration and wisdom that I couldn't stop until I had read all pages.


Your mastery in relating scenarios made the book so very relevant, and I'm certain that it will be a blessing and a success. I plan to gift some copies for the holidays and I must get one for myself because I like to read and underline.


I made two pages of notes and anecdotes in my notebook today to ensure that the atrophied brain cells absorb the nutrition and start to work again!

Thanks again and I pray for continued abundance of blessings on you and family🏾

"Elder B."


if everyone could get the knowledge shared by pastor Allen, then there would no divorce.

We started counseling with pastor Allen a few weeks now, and I feel that I possess the knowledge to save my Marriage.

We had already filed for divorce, but then we met Pastor Allen, who made all the difference in our lives.
I now have a different mindset regarding Marriage


Counseling with Pastor Allen has been wonderful. I love that my wife and I got some very useful and knowledgeable tips to help us navigate the different seasons of our marriage.
Pastor Allen is very wise with his counsel and covers all aspects of our marriage experience. Our marriage has grown because of his dedication and experience. Thank you Pastor Allen.
K & K


Three years of a bad marriage: Bickering, the silent treatment, and mental abuse for me and the children. I was almost sure my marriage was over.


Then I got an email from Pastor Allen. I called him and we started the sessions.

After about 4 weeks, a miracle happened. For the first time, I felt the joy and beauty of a healthy marriage. The children, too, kept asking, What happened to daddy?


I kept saying to pastor Allen: Thank you, Thank you. Thank you.


We had planned a men's retreat at the hotel in Naples, Florida. Pastor Allen was scheduled to speak for the afternoon session.  The speaker for the morning session did not arrive. The men were despondent.


Pastor Allen was called and he transformed the atmosphere,  lifted the morale of the men, and allowed us to experience a men's retreat beyond our wildest expectations.  His moving, spirit-filled and interactive presentations for the entire retreat, as he was the sole presenter, were transformational.


The men,  (along with the wives that called in and messaged), left the retreat with fervor and a commitment to change the way they do marriage by applying the time-tested principles taught. Thank you man of God for sharing your heart with us. 




D & I 

For my wife and I, the therapy has helped us enormously. I of course had my doubts about therapy and counseling and felt as though we didn't need it, but I'm glad we did.


You help us rebuild from ground up and are now stronger than ever .

P & S

Love Love Love Pastor Allen! He truly prepared my fiancé and I as we embarked on the journey to marriage. He is filled with so much insight and passion and his charisma makes the experience so much more enjoyable.


Like he always says, “You cannot fly a plane without taking a course in aviation.” We absolutely feel prepared to take on marriage because we have been through premarital counseling with Pastor Allen. His approach is also Christ Centered therefore, we strongly recommend 

P & S

As a marriage counselor,

Lloyd has been amazing.
My wife and I are currently working out the rough patches we've had with each other and until we met lloyd, I know that our methods haven't been healthy for our marriage.


Lloyd takes the time to listen to BOTH sides and has a lot of patience.

I am grateful to have met him, and definitely recommend him as a marriage counselor. Thank you Lloyd! We love your work!!  


D & I 

Counseling with

Pastor Allen has been wonderful. I love that my wife and I got some very useful and knowledgeable tips to help us navigate the different seasons of our marriage.

Pastor Allen is very wise with his counsel and covers all aspects of our marriage experience. Our marriage has grown because of his dedication and experience. Thank you Pastor Allen.

K & K



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