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Want to understand the secret to marital success once and for all?
To equip Married Couples with all the tools
needed to have a stunningly successful marriage
Married Or Single. This Course is Designed for you

1. You are MARRIED, but lack knowledge of the fundamental components of a stunningly successful marriage.

2. You are SINGLE and you plan to get married someday.  You genuinely don't want to become another divorce statistic through ignorance of the basic concepts of a triumphant marriage. 

The Program includes the following:

1. Ten (10) Modules representing 20 weeks of coaching through videos, audios, and scripts

(A $2800 Value)

2. A private Facebook membership group where you'll receive ongoing support.

(A $1200 Value)

3. FREE resources, including: A free E-copy of my book, Videos, Audios, Pdfs, and have full access to all my marriage enhancing and premarital preparation resources.

(A $1200 Value)

(Special Offer Below)


The Ultimate Course to Repair and Strengthen your Marriage 

Say goodbye to divorce. Say goodbye to a toxic or mediocre marriage, the primary cause of which is ignorance. i.e. Lack of knowledge regarding how to do marriage well.

When you possess knowledge about something, it is easy to do it. Conversely, without knowledge it's difficult or impossible. That's the underlying problem with almost every failing marriage.
In this comprehensive course, every possible problem you can have in a relationship/marriage is addressed in principle. 
Possessing knowledge of the fundamental components of a successful marriage as delineated in this course, will make you smile with confidence, as you approach the phenomenon of marriage. See the marriage success formula with all the essential components here:
P.s. By the way. This is the only course you'll ever need. 


* Role Expectation
* I explore the Four (4) basic sources that inform your partner's perspective of marriage
1. One's upbringing
2. The Media
3. Friends
4. The proper sources of information e.g. Church, Bible-based reading material, higher learning, Family workshops, etc
Note: These are the basic sources that make your partner who he/she is, except some impactful influences intervened to change the natural order of learning.