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The Ultimate

Marriage Preparation Course

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The Only Way To Avoid A Bad Marriage

Is To Prepare For A Good One

Did you know that the principal cause of divorce 

is incredible ignorance?

This program, The Ultimate Marriage Preparation Course

comprises all the knowledge you need to have a stunningly successful marriage

The Wise Plan their Marriage

Not Just Their Wedding

The Marriage Preparation Course

Addresses The Following:

The Excellent Spouse

  • What the excellent woman looks like
  • What the excellent man looks like
  • The secret to becoming attractive to your spouse
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  • The 25 Questions you must discuss with your spouse to understand their mindset and perspective relating to marriage
  • Why you should know their expectations ( private rules) so you won't be surprised in marriage
  • The key questions to ask regarding money, children, sex, roles, parenting, in-laws, etc.
you will learn
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 Headship in the home

  • Why someone must lead in the affairs at home
  • The roles of the leader
  • Understand Submission and why it's not a bad word
  • How the wife can assist his leadership
  • How to delightfully submit
  • Why you should not marry a domineering woman.
Conflict Resolution

  • Words never to use in marriage
  • Words to use in conflict resolution
  • How to listen
  • How to deal with your emotion
  • How to become sweeter after a disagreement or misunderstanding?
  • Why you should never marry a narcissist, and how to detect one
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  • Who should initiate sex
  • Foreplay for the woman
  • How a woman's psychological state affect her sexually
  • Why sex is a big thing for men
  • What's the purpose for which sex was designed
  • What's God's perspective on sex
  • Is the spiritual woman more orgasmic
  • Are you clitorate? What about the clitoris?
  • The best way to cure low libido
  • How does ignorance regarding sex negatively impact the church and it's members
  • Why casual sex is bad.
  • And much more....
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  • How to talk so your spouse can listen
  • How to listen so your spouse can talk
  • How to discern when your partner does not necessarily need advice, just a listening ear
  • Why do women talk?
  • Why you should never raise your voice, but rather, improve your argument
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  • How to speak to the in-laws when there is an issue that you must address
  • Who should initiate the discussion with the in-laws when there is a problem
  • How to keep the in-laws from meddling
  • Who should be given priority, the spouse or in-laws
  • How to parent the step children
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  • Who should be the minister of finance in the home
  • How to structure a budget
  • Which is better. Splitting the bills or having a common pool? 
  • What to include in a budget?
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  • What a man desires most in a woman
  • Get my list of 20 needs of a man that you cannot afford to ignore
  • What make a woman tick
  • Get my list of 20 needs of a woman that you cannot afford to ignore
  • What's the major cause of depression in women and how to help her
  • How not to ruin your husband
  • How to make him feel like a Superstar
  • How to make her feel like your queen.
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  • How to predict whether a person is likely to divorce later
  • The 4 major predictors of divorce and how to avoid being entrapped
  • How to avoid becoming a divorcee.

The Ultimate

Marriage Preparation Program 

Meaning: You will never need another course

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NOW $297

What Others are saying:

Hi Pastor, thank you sooo much for taking the time to counsel B & myself.. I have always admired the way you treasure Sis Allen. with so much love & respect..God has truly blessed you 
with a wonderful family. You are my role model & I thank God for you. 

We appreciate & love you guys so much and always will.  Have a 
Blessed day 



Things are going good!  Your counseling & prayers have brought us even
closer! We no longer " by the Grace of God' utter any negative words to each other 
Thank you 


Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Pastor Allen, Thanks sooo much for the book. I decided at midday today to begin reading it and was so riveted to the inspiration and wisdom that I couldn't stop until I had read all pages.


Your mastery in relating scenarios made the book so very relevant, and I'm certain that it will be a blessing and a success. I plan to gift some copies for the holidays and I must get one for myself because I like to read and underline.


I made two pages of notes and anecdotes in my notebook today to ensure that the atrophied brain cells absorb the nutrition and start to work again!

Thanks again and I pray for continued abundance of blessings on you and family🏾

"Elder B."

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