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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Did you know that money-related fights are the second leading cause of divorce in the USA?

Are you grappling with any of these money-related issues in your marriage?

If so, it’s time you seek help.

I’m not aware of how much my spouse earns.

  • My spouse sends money to their family without my knowledge.

  • My husband supports his friends and relatives, but not his immediate family.

  • I’m paying all the bills, while she spends only to improve herself.

  • He has a good earning, but he does not support his family.

  • He is building a house with his relatives, yet we struggle to pay the bills.

  • My spouse squanders the family's money on things he does not really need.

  • He is a spendthrift. Should I remove his name from the bank account?

Who should be the minister of finance in our home?

  • They are my wife's children. Should she support them with the family’s money?

  • Should I really assist in supporting his parents?

  • He paid the mortgage and bought the furniture for 26 years. Now he says the house belongs to him. What did we do wrong?

  • She is highly educated but will not work. She was reared with a stay-at-home mom and claims that's how it should be.

How do you relate to the in-laws?

  • He placed his children’s names on the will, but not mine.

  • He says he knew his children before me, so his entire legacy is bequeathed to them.

  • I’m not employed, and my husband does not give me pocket money (money for personal spending).

  • I’m not allowed to spend a dime without his permission.

  • What about tithing? Does God really need money?

  • Is it important to prepare a budget?

Do you have a natural tendency to save more money, while your spouse may be more inclined to spend extravagantly?

  • Are you engaging in financial infidelity?

  • Do you sometimes hide purchases you know your spouse would not approve?

  • Are you in debt and uncomfortable about discussing personal finances with your spouse?

  • Do you split costs equally or distribute funds equitably in other ways?

  • Do you feel resentment over some of your spouse's purchases?

  • What about differences in money-personality? Do you have different spending or saving habits?

  • Is it important to discuss money before marriage?

Did you know that understanding and effectively communicating money issues can help maintain a healthy marriage between couples whose marriage might otherwise culminate in a divorce?

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