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The Forbidden is Sweet

The forbidden is sweet.

We desire that which we cannot have.

We fantasize about that which is off-limits.

It is a natural reaction of the human soul, we desire freedom of choice.

We want newness and the yet unexplored: The thought of sleeping in a new bed, drinking strange wine or watching a bad movie. The pull of a new discovery, the thrill of seeing a new thing, smelling a strange aroma, or being touched in a new way,

What heightened sense of excitement or pleasure is promised.

It is easy to be propelled by the emotion and blinded by passion, not remembering that the emotion does not think.

Eating the forbidden fruit is sweet, but it kills- opening the floodgates of woe to the entire world.

Passion feels good, but it has no intellect.

It oftentimes results in guilt, shame or regret.

So, Sleep in your own bed and drink from your own cup, for there is peace and calm in what is honorable and undefiled.

Build a hedge around your own garden, and be true to the love that you have chosen.

“Keep your body under subjection” warns the great apostle.

“Guard your heart” is the divine admonition.

The path of rectitude is founded on principle and governed and maintained by discipline.

- Lloyd D. Allen

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