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Marriage: Listen To Their heart

Updated: Jan 23

listen to their heart
Marriage: Listen to their heart

Not everything is said in words. We must listen to their heart. Cease talking. Cease fixing. Start listening.

Did you know that many marriages can be restored from the brink of divorce if we learned to be good listeners?

Listening is not about you. It’s about the speaker. Cease thinking of how you will reply.

Restrain your feelings and don’t take it personal.

Your focus must be to understand their perspective and to learn about their story. You seek to understand their psychological map, yea the pathways to their heart.

Your goal is to heal, resolve and restore. To heal their heart, to resolve the issue and to restore the relationship. A great marriage is the union of two great listeners.

Proverbs 18:13 (TPT)

Listen before you speak, for to speak before you've heard the facts will bring humiliation

Lloyd Allen

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