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Do you give your spouse a fair trial?

Do you offer your spouse a fair trial?

In their bid to offer people a fair trial, the justice system conducts a hearing. This is a procedure presided over by an impartial judge.

They hope to leave on record that they have been just and reasonable. They do this by listening, by allowing the defendant an

opportunity to share their story.

Do you give your spouse a fair trial? What about your children, parents, coworker or former acquaintance? Do you patiently seek to understand life from their point of view?

Did you know that many people have died from a broken heart because they did not have a hearing, they were not listened to?

But why should I allow them to speak when I already know the truth?

You thought you knew the truth, but you may be surprised.

The fact is you cannot judge the veracity of a story until you hear their perspective. So, get to know them. listen to them. You may save a soul from hell. You may restore a relationship. You may save a marriage.

Proverbs 13:18

(ESV) If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.

(NIV) To answer before listening-- that is folly and shame.

(NASB) One who gives an answer before he hears, It is foolishness and shame to him.

Lloyd Allen

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