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Sex and The Sabbath

God's design for Human Sexuality

God's design for Human Sexuality

God’s design for human sexuality:

Genesis 4:1-2 King James Version (KJV)

And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived….

The word “know”, from its general usage in scripture, means “intimate knowing”.

Everything that God makes is for the purpose of revealing something about His nature and character.

Sex is designed to express the kind of relationship God desires to have with us.

Sex goes deeper than the mere physical act.

In God’s economy, what is more important is not the physical performance of duty that we render towards him, but our intimate knowledge of Him.

Sex is not just a physical act for the the married couple. It is designed for couples to explore the deepest knowledge of each other. We seek to understand our partner’s psychological map. We seek a deep understanding of our partner’s hopes, aspirations, fears, trauma, pain, and challenges. It’s called “ intimate knowing “.

The purpose of sex is to achieve intimacy at the deepest level. There is more Intimacy in an understanding of our partner’s fears and challenges than the mere physical act of sex

A healthy sexual experience in marriage is a revelation of the intimate relationship God desires to have with His people.

The discussion regarding Sex and the Sabbath has to be resolved based on each person’s conviction and the light that they have.

Some will reason that, if sex points us towards God’s will for our lives, then the issue regarding Sex and the Sabbath should not be difficult to resolve.

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