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Be tender of the feelings of others by Ellen White

In your married life seek to elevate one another. Show the high

and elevating principles of your holy faith in your everyday

conversations and in the most private walks of life. Be ever

careful and tender of the feelings of one another.

Do not allow a playful, bantering, joking censuring of one another.

These things are dangerous. They wound. The wound may

be concealed, nevertheless the wound exists and peace is

being sacrificed and happiness endangered.

IN heavenly places, 204.

Registered in the books of heaven

Just as you conduct yourself in your home life, you are

registered in the books of heaven. He who would become a

saint in heaven must first become a saint in his own family.

If fathers and mothers are true Christians in the family, they will

be useful members of the church and be able to conduct affairs

in the church and in society after the same manner in which

they conduct their family concerns. Parents, let not your religion

be simply a profession, but let it become a reality.3 AH 317.3

A profession of faith is valueless

Where there is a lack of home religion, a profession of faith

is valueless.... Many are deceiving themselves by thinking that

the character will be transformed at the coming of Christ, but

there will be no conversion of heart at His appearing. Our

defects of character must here be repented of, and through the

grace of Christ we must overcome them while probation shall

last. This is the place for fitting up for the family above.10 AH


Home religion affects our children

If religion is to influence society, it must first influence the

home circle. If children were trained to love and fear God at

home, when they go forth into the world, they would be

prepared to train their own families for God, and thus the

principles of truth would become implanted in society and

would exert a telling influence in the world. Religion should

not be divorced from home education.7 AH 318.4

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