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Build hedges around your marriage

Statistically one third of men, and 10-15 percent of women are usually the perpetrators of infidelity. Men are a special target of the enemy of souls.

1. Set a hedge around your marriage. Don’t flirt with other members of the opposite sex. Avoid those occasions where you are found with her alone. The frequent lunch dates and private trips are potentially dangerous. Be reminded that emotional attachment is formed through frequent connection and interaction.

2. a. Make your marriage beautiful. See your marriage as your second job. Fix the crack in the relationship. There’s a saying that all that is necessary for a thorn to grow is a crack in the sidewalk. If there are serious problems in the relationship, do not suffer in silence. Seek help. The fact is, if your spouse does not feel liked, loved, and respected they are always thinking of being elsewhere. Love, affirmation, and affection are primal needs of the human soul. Create in your marriage a culture of love and appreciation, a little heaven on earth.

b. Flirt with your wife. If you don’t flirt with her, you may want to flirt with another. The greatest need of your wife is the need for affection. It is the small acts that communicate “I’ve been thinking of you” that excite her.

c. Nurture your own garden.

If you neglect the care and nurture of your own garden, then the neighbors flourishing garden will always appear more beautiful and attractive. The way to make your wife “a fruitful vine” (Psalm 138: 3), is to understand her and meet her needs.

d. "Flee fornication", is the divine warning. You don't bargain or fight back, you get out and get running. The only posture the man of wisdom can assume in these circumstances is that of cowardice. Learn a lesson from Joseph (Genesis 39: 11–12) and take flight.

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